Smoke generating system – fills the area with an impenetrable fog – like white smoke

Smoke Generating Systems

MHS Alarm Services is proud to be an approved supplier/installer of the Smokecloak™ smoke generating system.

The Smokecloak™ system is designed to prevent theft of stock and equipment by filling the area with an impenetrable fog–like white smoke. The machine is activated instantly by our intruder alarm system and bridges that vital gap between the intruder being detected and the police arriving.

The vapour is non-toxic and leaves little or no deposit. The density is controlled by a remote sensor which reactivates the unit if the level thins out before the keyholder arrives. (Within 20 minutes as per police policy.)

Engineers have to attend a training course and pass before being allowed to install Smokecloak units. MHS have these qualified engineers directly in their employ.

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